Return policy

1. Specific criteria for return and exchange
Returns and exchanges are subject to the product page markings, which are divided into 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days. The order cannot be returned after activation, the order cannot be returned after the trial product is activated, the order is returned after deducting the used time, etc.;

2. Not applicable to goods returned without reason within 7 days
For special products such as domain name, domain name squatting, trademark registration, etc., the order cannot be returned after the application is submitted to the registration office, so it is not applicable to 7 days without reason;

3. You can try the products in advance
Trial products can test the performance and quality of the products before the user purchases them, and formally place an order after they meet the requirements. Most of these products need to be deducted for the actual use time after the official opening, and the product description page shall prevail;

4. Service products will be determined separately with the merchant
089 mainly deals in non-physical products, most of which are service types, providing users with a service, such as program development, translation services, agency services, etc. Such refunds need to be negotiated with the merchant according to the actual situation;

Note: The return policy is subject to the detailed instructions on the product page.