Product removal instructions

1. Malicious brushing will remove the product (089 does not look at the transaction volume ranking, and all similar products that only have access to less than 5 service providers will be displayed on the first page);

2. False evaluation will remove the product from the shelves (you can only comment after the actual purchase of the product, if a false evaluation content is found, the product will be removed directly);

3. The last eliminated products will be removed from the shelves (the products of the same type are regularly evaluated, and the bottom three products may be removed from the shelves at any time);

4. If the after-sales service is not in place, the products will be removed from the shelves (some virtual products provide services on a yearly basis, if they cannot provide customers with good after-sales services, they will be cleared);

5. Guiding customers to conduct offline transactions will remove products from the shelves (guide customers to trade on their own websites, bury potential safety hazards for customer transactions and after-sales supervision, and clear them at any time), offline transactions are likely to trigger the last elimination rule and be cleared retreat;

6. Maliciously increase the renewal price. If the page is not explained in advance, the first year will be low in price, and the renewal fee will be increased several times, etc. to directly remove the product;