Merchant settled

Merchant entry conditions:
     1. Prove that the business has been in the Internet industry for more than 5 years, and prove that it can provide 089 customers with long-term and perfect after-sales service;
     2. Companies and individual businesses settle in:
     (1) Company business settled in: Provide a scanned copy of the business license and multiple alternate contact methods;
     (2) Individual business entry: The contact person needs to provide proof that they have been on other well-known platforms for many years. For example, if the website has been independently operated for many years, it needs to provide a valid statement certifying the operating life;
     3. Have an industry position or obvious price advantage in the category of merchants entering;
     4. After the quota of category merchants is full, they must prove that they have obvious advantages over existing merchants to have the opportunity (price, service, sustainable development, etc.);
     5. No deposit is required, and the payment will be automatically settled with the merchant after the customer who sells the product confirms the settlement.

Business entry restrictions:
     1. There are 5-10 providers of each type of product, and the merchants will be suspended if they exceed them. The time for submitting an application for review cannot be determined. (Our company will regularly evaluate the original 5-10 existing providers. Merchants who do not meet the criteria such as swiping orders, untrue reviews, low sales, etc. will be eliminated from the last place. After elimination, they will be given priority to access the queued businesses to settle in);
     2. The top three providers in the industry will be given priority to settle in;
     3. All products of 089 are sold to customers at discounted prices. Merchants must provide products with obvious price advantages to settle in, otherwise they will not be able to pass the audit;
     4. 089 is a non-physical mall, and products that need to be mailed in kind will not be accepted for the time being;
     5. Free products can be entered in the free category, and it is necessary to provide customers with free products, and must not use free trial guidance or deceive customers to purchase charged products for the purpose. If the product is free in the first year and renewed in the second year, the renewal price must be sold at the agency price. If it is verified that the price is not increased in this way, the eligibility to settle in will be cancelled.
     6. No payment for settlement, no advertising location, no franchise fee. Sales of products charge transaction fees ranging from 2-10%.