About Us

089 Wise Selection (Service Market) is an e-commerce service platform focusing on operating global Internet service products. Our aim: to screen out the best quality service products for customers, and to purchase in bulk so that customers can enjoy the

1. Company profile:

Shenzhen Xuelu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (089, 089 Wise Selection for short) was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It has been well received by customers so far. It serves as a purchasing agent, maintenance agent, and screening Internet service for many listed companies and large portals in China. Class and software products, and provide maintenance services. To solve the problem that customers cannot select professional products, we guide the purchase or purchase of products that are suitable for them from the customer's perspective, and provide them to customers at channel prices, and assist product providers to do post-maintenance service guidance.

  After accumulating years of experience in the industry, the company opened the first domestic purchasing platform (domain name direct sales) with e-commerce as its business model in August 2009, and since then introduced low-profit operations into the Internet basic service industry. Our company's business purpose: based on small profits but quick turnover, the price difference between the agent and the official website (service provider) is directly returned to the product at one time, thereby saving customers several times the cost of purchasing products, and "domain name direct sales" unified procurement Purchase goods and work with service providers for after-sales service. All products are from third-party companies. In order to ensure product quality, we have carefully screened, and all settled service providers have more than 8 years of operating experience in the industry, with an average annual sales of more than 50 million yuan in China, and have paid a service deposit by category. Companies that meet the above conditions Only then have the opportunity to settle on this platform. "Domain Direct Sales" has nearly 30 large enterprises settled, including: Alibaba Cloud (China Wanwang), 263, NetEase, Western Digital, Xinwang, Xinwang Internet, Meicheng Internet, China Ming.com, Business China, etc. enterprise.

With the growth of business volume, the original Internet basic business has been unable to meet the increasing needs of customers, so the company changed the website name to "089 virtual e-commerce" on February 28, 2014, and repositioned the platform as an Internet-related service An e-commerce platform for similar products. At present, "089 Virtual E-commerce" is providing services to tens of thousands of members, saving customers tens of millions of service-related product expenses every year. The platform has become the most authoritative and top-level service-oriented e-commerce platform in China.

2. 089 Wise Selection business introduction:

In order to meet the needs of customers, 089 Wise Selection www.089.com.cn officially adopted the mall system to introduce merchants on June 18, 2017, and selected the most honest merchants from the massive e-commerce data, solving the problem of customers When faced with the same category and thousands of products, the problem of not being able to select the most reputable merchants. This problem is most prominent in virtual service products. Most service products require timely after-sales service. Service-oriented. Based on this purpose, 089 selected high-quality merchants from the Internet and introduced it to 089, so that customers can shop at 089 without worrying about the reputation of the product, saving customers a lot of time. At the same time, we also target high-quality individuals who have no company and are not qualified to join large e-commerce flagship stores. They are excellent business people from all walks of life, have their own purchase channels, but cannot afford the various entry fees of e-commerce. 089 uses its own unique screening rules to introduce individuals who can provide low-cost products and high-quality services to the platform to provide our customers with value-for-money services. All merchants that join 089 need to undergo strict audits to control the number of merchants in each product category to prevent customers from knowing how to choose from many providers. In addition, we have implemented a final elimination system for merchants, directly cleared and refunded some merchants that did not meet the requirements, and zero tolerance for behaviors such as order brushing and poor service. Believe that our concept can bring customers a different shopping experience.

3. Exploit the global market:

The English website was launched on January 1, 2022, transforming 089 into a global service e-commerce platform, allowing well-known products from each country to be sold all over the world, and we will share free information on quality products with no channel price difference. To 089 customers.

4. Future prospects:

  089’s goal is to make the price open and transparent when the non-physical products are standardized in pricing; to make non-standardized products priced reasonably; to share information openly for products without channel price differences.

   "089 Wise Selection" service market (you can see it when saving money), I believe your vision, "089" is worth entrusting!